Leadership & Governance

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Organizational and Committee Structure

SRQCN was established to help local physicians unite in a proactive, common sense approach to health care reform. We are a physician-driven and physician-led network of members of the medical staffs of Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican. Several committees have been created to assist in directing our efforts:

Board of Managers

Dr. Irwin Simon - Chair Dr. Casiano Shane Flaviano Dr. Robert Pretzlaff
Dr. Dara Welborn Dr. Rama Harouni Dr. Joel Bowers
Dr. Scott Selco Dr. Brian Lee
Dr. Robert Gong Dr. Anna Salcedo
Dr. Troy Bertoli Dr. Raji Venkat

Four physician-led advisory committees are in place to support the SRQCN Board of Managers:

Finance Committee

Dr. Scott Selco, Chair
Dr. Chandra Narala
Dr. Brian Lee
Dr. Fred Herman
Dr. Matt Treinen

Payer Committee

Dr. Dara Welborn, Chair
Dr. Sanford White
Dr. Heath Hodapp
Dr. Scott Manthei
Dr. Raji Venkat

Performance Evaluation Committee

Dr. Donna Miller, Chair
Dr. Anna Salcedo
Dr. Colby Young
Dr. Joseph Adashek
Dr. Szu Nien Yeh

Quality Committee

Dr. Robert Gong, Chair
Dr. Dennis Chong
Dr. Casiano Shane Flaviano
Dr. Gauray Jain
Dr. Kim LaMotte-Malone