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21st Century Oncology

Adashek & Wilkes LLP

Advanced Heart & Vascular Specialists

Anesthesia Associates

Anesthesiology Consultants

Anthem Hills Pediatrics

Anthem OB/GYN

Anthem Pediatrics

Armour, Christensen, Simon, Chartered

Associated Pathologists, Chartered

Brighton Family Medicine

Cardiovascular Anesthesia Consultants, LLP

Cardiovascular Specialists

Cardiovascular Surgery of Southern Nevada

Chambers & Associates OBGYN and Gynecological Surgery, PLLC

Child Neurology Specialists

Children's Urology Associates, LLC


Claudia K Vogel, MD, LTD

Colon and Rectal Clinic

Compassionate Care & Palliative Services Institute

Comprehensive Digestive Institute of Nevada

Cornerstone Family Practice

Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Cyriac K Chemplavil, MD, PC

Desert Cardiology & Vascular Center

Desert Institute of Spine Care

Desert Surgical Associates

Dignity Health Medical Group Nevada, LLC

Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants of Nevada, LLP

Ejaz Kamboj, MD, Inc.

Elena Langdon, M.D., PLLC

Ensign Family Medicine, LLC

Family Wellness Clinic

Foot & Ankle Surgical Group, LLP

Foot, Ankle & Lower Leg Center

Fred C Redfern, MD

Fremont Emergency Services (Henner and Sears), LTD

Gary M Glangas, MD, Aurangzeb Nagy, MD, and Debra Nelson, MD

General Surgical Consultants, LLC

Green Valley OB/GYN LLP

Hand Surgery Specialists of Nevada

Heart & Vascular Therapeutics/Tanvir Ahmad MD

Heart Center Of Nevada

Horizon Women's Health

IPC of Nevada

Joseph Fayad MD

Kidney Specialists of Southern Nevada

Laparoscopic Surgery of Nevada, LLC

Las Vegas Cardiology

Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Center

Las Vegas Skin and Cancer Clinic

Las Vegas Urology, LLP

Legacy Women's Health

M Family Care

M. Paul Singh, M.D., Prof. Corp.

Maity Medical Associates, Inc.

Michelle M. Lewis, DO, LTD

Nevada Brain & Spine Care

Nevada Cardiology Associates

Nevada Critical Care Consultants

Nevada Ear & Sinus Institute

Nevada Health Centers, Inc.

Nevada Heart & Vascular Center

Nevada Hospitalist Group, LLP

Nevada Nephrology Consultants

Nevada Women's Care


Oasis Medical Associates, Inc.

Omar B Cabahug, MD, PC

Orthopaedic Institute of Henderson, LLP

Pioneer Healthcare, LLC

Platinum Hospitalists, LLP

Premier Medical Services

Prestige Laser & Cataract Institute

Procare Medical Group, LLC

Pueblo Medical Imaging

Pulmonary Associates, Inc

Radiology Associates of Nevada

Randall T. Weingarten, M.D., P.C.

Rehabilitation Specialist of Henderson

Reynolds Plastic Surgery, PC

Ripplinger & Jones, Southern Nevada Surgery Specialists, LTD

Ryan J Grabow MD LTD

Sanjay Vohra, M.D., LTD

Scott Selco, PC

Sheldon Freedman, M.D., LTD

Siena Cardiology

Siena Pediatrics

Sierra Family Medicine

Silver State Eye Care

Sound Intensivists of Nevada

Sound Physicians of Nevada III

South Hills Gastroenterology, LLP

Southern Nevada Internists

Spring Mountain Women's Health

St. Rose Pediatrics

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Steljes Cardiology, P.C.

Sundance Medical Center LLP

The Lung Center of Nevada

Thomson K. Chemplavil, MD, PC

Total Wellness Family Medicine

Tri-Star Pediatrics Services Co.

Valley Anesthesiology Consultants-Beckett-PLLC

Valley Primary Care Center, LLC

Vascular Institute of Southern Nevada, Kenneth J. Shah, MD, LTD

Wen Liang, MD Sun Medical Service, PC

Western Critical Care Associates

Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada

Yee Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C.

Yu Neurology Center of Nevada


The Physician Directory was last updated on Monday, August 13, 2018