How To Join

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To be a participating physician in SRQCN, physicians must sign a Physician Participation Agreement and consent to:

  • Adopt and adhere to physician-developed standards to improve quality and efficiency.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to improve performance.
  • Agree to be measured and share quality data with SRQCN via the technology provided by the program.
  • Comply with SRQCN technology requirements.
  • Be accountable for compliance with SRQCN policies and procedures.

For more information about joining SRQCN, contact:

Dr. Robert Pretzlaff, Chief Physician Executive 
Tel: 702.616.5717

Alicia "Ali” Erosa, Physician Practice Liaison
Tel: 702.616.5717 | Mobile: 702.701.2467 | Fax: 602.604.4804