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About St. Rose Quality Care Network

The St. Rose Quality Care Network (SRQCN) was established in 2012 to help local physicians unite in a proactive, common sense approach to health care reform. SRQCN is a physician-driven and physician-led network that includes members of the medical staff at Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican hospitals.

Participating physicians in SRQCN are  individuals and hospitals  committed to implementing initiatives that improve quality care, patient outcomes and the efficiency and cost of the care we provide. A properly designed clinical integration program also allows SRQCN to negotiate jointly with Medicare Advantage plans, commercial insurers and local self-insured employers for improvements in reimbursement based on our ability to achieve our quality benchmarks.

SRQCN has 24 volunteer physician leaders who participate on the Board of Managers and four Board Advisory committees. In addition, SRQCN has more than 800 physicians in 35 specialties working together to provide and report quality care.


Clinically Integrated (CI) Networks

Hospitals, physicians and other medical providers working together to improve the quality of health care are often referred to as "Clinically Integrated (CI) Networks.” This team-based approach helps health providers communicate and collaborate on patient care.  St. Rose Quality Care Network (SRQCN) is such a CI Network. 

CI Networks share information, technology and best medical practices in order to serve patients with the highest level of care and efficiency. Connectivity through technology allows providers to share information, eliminate unnecessary tests and coordinate patient care.  The focus is on delivering the most appropriate level of care to patients. 

Through innovative care management programs, exceptional care continues after the patient leaves the doctor's office. Care teams are essential to helping both physician and patient navigate the most complex of health challenges. Teams of health professionals work closely with patients to assist with doctor's orders, medications and communication with their physician's office. 

St. Rose Quality Care Network securely shares patient information among its provider participants as allowed under the law as an organized health care arrangement.

St. Rose Quality Care Network also participates in other organized health care arrangements. Those other arrangements may include hospitals, health care providers, and health plans that share information to improve the quality of care and reduce costs.